The Importance of a Professional, Mobile-Friendly Website Design

As the online face of your company or organization, an attractive, user-friendly website is the single greatest tool for reaching new and existing customers and representing your brand to the world.

While pre-packaged web design tools like and may be useful for individuals creating personal websites and blogs, going the do-it-yourself route is inadvisable for businesses trying to get noticed in today’s hyper-competitive digital marketplace. At Alecan Marketing Solutions, our team takes the guesswork out of website design by working with each client, one-on-one, to create beautiful websites with powerful SEO features that generate traffic and increase your business’ credibility.

Is your business ready for a new, mobile-friendly website that you can proudly show to your customers?

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We’ve Perfected Website Design

Visually Appealing

visually-appealingWhen a customer finds your brand online, the aesthetics of your website represent the product or service you offer. At Alecan, our website designs employ attractive layouts, high-resolution graphics, and vibrant colors to make a positive first impression.

Focused On User Experience

ease-of-useSimple, intuitive website and page designs are a must for business owners aiming to attract new business and engage past or current customers. A easy-to-navigate site with a simple user interface keeps visitors on your site longer and creates positive feelings about your brand.

Optimized With Great Content

optimized-contentRelevant, informative, and engaging content attracts qualified traffic to your website, of course, but today’s content creators must keep search engine algorithms in mind as well. At Alecan, we get results by optimizing high-quality content for both users and rank-determining robots.

Mobile Compatible

mobile-friendlyToday, approximately half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. To help your business reach the ever-growing number of mobile users, all of Alecan’s website designs are fully-responsive and look great on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Designed To Boost Conversions

call-to-actionDuring Alecan’s initial meeting with clients, our team identifies the major profit centers and creates a custom plan to increase lead generation. From there, every aspect of our service is designed to convince website visitors to complete a purchase, make a call, or fill out a form.

Developed With Room For Growth

traffic-growthPositive growth rates, measured in the numbers of visitors to your website and the size of the site itself, tell search engines that your business is worthy of a high ranking. To help your website grow, our team blends cutting-edge digital marketing strategies with consistent content creation.

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While a first page ranking – and the traffic that comes with it – is one of our primary goals for every website, we also care about each client’s bottom line. At Alecan, our SEO efforts are designed to maximize your return on investment while helping your business’ website grow organically.

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