With so many of the ways we get our information online changing every day, a thriving presence in social media is the greatest asset a brand can have. Up to 80% of consumers now prefer to connect to brands via social media, and leads generated by referrals from content-sharing hubs like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have a significantly higher conversion rate than traditional by traditional means.

Social media management is one area in which some business owners try to cut corners and do it themselves– after all, they have no trouble getting their friends and family to share and talk about content they post to their own profiles. This fallacy leads to frustration and often results in abandonment of social media accounts, leaving a subpar representation of the brand unattended on public display. Professional community management powered by traditional and next-wave marketing principles and an experienced creative team is what elevates a brand’s social web presence above the competition.

Alecan’s social media and community management specialists will audit your existing profiles and communities to determine how best to retain current customers and engage new ones. If you haven’t started promoting your business with social media, we’ll set up your accounts and work from the ground up to draw in the right audiences with the necessary keywords, cross-promotions, customer engagement strategies, and viral content.

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Harness The Power Of Social Media

Social media influence is a leading factor in brand visibility and purchasing decisions, and the #1 way consumers choose to interact with a company. The conversations and links you share with your audience also carry increasing weight with search engines and trusted domains like news and information sources.

Promote Meaningful Customer Engagement

When you use social media to form and sustain relationships with your customer base, you open to the door to valuable information about what they look for in a product or service and suggestions for improvements and innovations that can do wonders for your brand profile and bottom line.

Manage Customer Service

As consumers’ chosen method of engaging with a brand, social media is often the tool they rely on the bring customer service issues to a company’s attention. Resolving their concerns thoughtfully in a public setting gives you the opportunity to positively effect your sales and reputation.

Celebrate Your One-Of-A-Kind Audience

Social media allows you to reach out to your customers and keep them coming back by showcasing their uniqueness and innovations. By making them star participants in your process, you ensure years of repeat business and brand loyalty.

Boost Sales With Social Media Promotions

Everyone loves a bargain! Attract customers to your brand and drive traffic to your site with announcements for site-wide sales and offers exclusive to your social media followers.

Integrated Social Platforms

With the right plug-ins and customized development features, any social platform you choose can be fully integrated into your website. Your site and social content work together to connect visitors to your brand through every available channel and keep their attention just as Alecan’s marketing and development teams work together to put current and emerging social technologies to work for you. Advanced deep-level integration with new established and emerging social media platforms make your website the ultimate interactive destination for today’s online shopper.

  • Instantly connect and share through popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and hundreds of other Web 2.0 networks
  • Easily create and manage all social sharing accounts in one place via Open Graph
  • Quickly imprint social bookmarks for your site all over the web via advanced social media tools
Social Media Integration

Social Media Campaigns

Exclusive social media campaigns to reward your fans and followers are one of the best ways to enhance your web presence and generate new leads and sales. Coupons, contests, secret flash sales, and special events are all highly effective ways of engaging your audience. Alecan Marketing Solutions creates custom templates and messaging to get your campaign up and running in hours, not days. We manage all aspects of your campaign, track results, and work to expand your fan base through the newest and hottest social platforms.

Social Media Campaigns

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Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

he whole idea of social media marketing can be a bit overwhelming. People are connected to each other more than ever on social media platforms, creating conversation about your brand and industry. As a result, there are many choices as well as misconceptions.

Ignoring: It All Together – Social networks and blogs are the 4th most popular online activities online, including beating personal email. 67% of global users visit member communities and 10% of all time spent on the internet is on social media sites. On a daily basis, individuals are talking about your brand, so companies better listen.

Assuming Any Kid Who Grew Up With The Internet Is Capable of Devising, Executing & Maintaining A Social Media Campaign: It’s not about technology or if you grew up in the digital age (even though you may have an upper-hand) but about effective strategy. There is no one size fits all, and ultimately it’s not about “What are we doing in XXX social media network?” but about why should you be in that social media network. It’s about choosing YouTube over Facebook or focusing on a blog instead of Twitter. It’s about adding value to your consumer and where they “reside” digitally.

Assuming Social Media is A Cheap And Fast “Miracle Pill”: Entrepreneurs want everything (brand awareness, recall, more word of mouth, more business) and they want it fast. Digital market takes patience and timing. You can’t join an online social network and derive any value from it unless you take the time to meet the right people, connect, share, build, and grow.

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