Algorithms come and go. Quality content is forever. By now we’ve all heard the adage “content is king” as it applies to online marketing, and the effects of the changes top search engines have made over the years have proven time and again that there’s no substitute for relevant, well-written on-page copy that engages your visitors and provides them with the information and encouragement they need to make purchasing decisions.

Despite the need for good copy being known as a universal truth, many marketing agencies and web developers still try to cut corners in this respect, launching sites and releasing marketing materials with cheap, poorly written copy outsourced to other countries. Copy like this is often over-optimized and unoriginal as well, which has a terrible effect on consumer confidence and search engine ranking.

Your business can’t afford to leave such a profoundly effective part of customer engagement to amateurs. All content created for clients of Alecan Marketing Solutions is written in-house by experienced professional copywriters with extensive SEO knowledge, and vetted by senior staff for optimal quality, keyword density compliance and relevance, and user experience.

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Creating Content for Spiders and People

Spiders on my website?!?!? Data-indexing robot spiders, that is. Google’s crawlers are automated to routinely run through a website and make note of growth, changes, and emerging patterns which are taken into account to determine where you land in search results for the terms you want. These little agents of artificial intelligence are the driving force behind Google’s algorithm strategy, and it’s important to make them happy by employing the proper development and formulas in the structure and content of your site. That’s only one side of the story, though— human readers still have the most power in determining your site’s credibility and visibility, and the best keyword strategy in the world won’t make up for a lack of the quality, relevant content that visitors value. Each of these audiences need to be approached in a particular way, and neglecting either one is a recipe for failure. Alecan’s experienced team knows how to find the perfect balance between technical and personal optimization.

Quality Matters

Fueling Social Media Strategy With Blogging

Blog - Social Bookmarking

Your blog is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in a solid social media marketing plan. Nothing else acts to add relevant organic growth to your website while also fueling your social media channels with the very best kind of content— the kind that gets clicked, gets shared, and gets visitors to your site.

Commission a post or series from our professional writers when you need to fill holes in your editorial schedule, or let us take care of all your postings on a regular basis for maximum quality and variety. We make it easy to share just the right amount and type of blog content you need to succeed.

Increasing Time On-Page and Repeat Visits

As algorithms and SEO tricks come and go, one thing that remains constant is the strength of quality content in deciding your site’s search rankings. Studies consistently show that quality copy translates to increased page views, more time spent on-site (an important factor for rankings in its own right), and a higher rate of repeat visitors. Conventional wisdom states that getting a new customer costs roughly ten times more than retaining a current customer; new blood is an important part of success, but keeping all those first-time visitors coming back and keeping your loyal customers happy is what makes or breaks a brand. Our professionally written posts are researched and optimized for visual appeal, trend compatibility, and social sharing.

Time Duration and Repeat Visits

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