Reputation management is a quickly growing field. Before spending their hard-earned money, customers want to know that they can trust a company to provide the best product or service to meet their needs and manage unexpected circumstances, and 90% of consumers report making decisions based on a business reviews on third-party review sites and forums.

Unfortunately, some issues are unavoidable or impossible to resolve to everyone’s complete satisfaction. Customers who disregarded or didn’t understand policies can leave bad reviews that don’t communicate events as they took place, and the sites that depend on these reviews for their revenue generally side with the reviewer when challenged.

Alecan Marketing Solutions combines new media marketing and SEO skills with old-fashioned customer service to keep your company’s web presence overwhelmingly positive. We can determine the best course of action for each issue, whether it’s posting a precisely worded response, reaching out to the customer once more with new options, or working to bump good reviews higher in search results while letting the bad ones fall off the front page and take immediate action to prevent you from losing revenue due to bad press.

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Reputation Monitoring

Once upon a time, business owners had no way of knowing who was talking about their company or how they rated with word-of-mouth referrals unless consumers engaged them directly on the topic. Times have changed; these days, online reviews and reports rule the web and have a profound effect on consumer confidence and final purchasing decisions. Alecan’s professional reputation monitoring and management services allow you to take charge of the way potential customers perceive you online. We make sure your business profiles are under your control on all the popular reviewing and rating sites, work to generate and promote overwhelmingly positive buzz about your brand, and craft appropriate responses to resolve customer issues.

Reputation services from Alecan Marketing Solutions ensure that your business always makes the best impression and gives you the peace of mind you need to you focus on other crucial elements of your business.

Bury Negative Content Via SEO

Mindful complaint resolution via a public forum does wonders for a company’s reputation, but sometimes no amount of outreach or apology can turn a negative review into a positive one. Even in these cases, however, the bad press is not inescapable. Search engines and review services prioritize content in many ways through specific criteria, which is generally proprietary but can be decoded and utilized by a skilled online marketing team. We use our knowledge of search engine optimization and pattern analysis to see that your best reviews, your social media content, and your actual site content are regarded as the most relevant and shoot to the top of your search results, leaving bad feedback at the bottom of the heap. Add link-building– the practice of getting your site featured on and/or recommended by reputable domains, and Link building will also be a major part of the campaign – to the mix, and eventually those unreasonable customers and nasty half-truths will seem like nothing but a bad dream.

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