Following the major updates Google and other popular search engines made to their search ranking algorithms, online press releases are one of the few legitimate means of link building still available to site owners.

Online press releases create relevant, credible links to your site and generate interest in your business, exponentially improving your chances to effectively reach prospective customers. Alecan’s SEO experts and professional copywriters work hand in hand to present your brand to the public with proper messaging and targeted direction to its key profit centers.

In the post-internet age, companies are no longer limited in the ability to reach the right audiences with the right information, and the polished, trustworthy first impression that a professionally written and promoted press release makes on thousands of potential customers has immediate impact on the success of your business.

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Online Press Release And Internet Marketing Comparison

Internet marketing is booming, and the demand for more and better ways of promoting one’s brand on the web continues to grow. The online press release is a part of your broader marketing strategy, but it serves a few key functions and has special characteristics that make it unique to any other aspect of internet marketing. Further blurring the distinction between the two is the fact that both do employ many of the same tools for circulation and engagement. The two key differences are as follows.

The Messaging of most internet marketing materials is focused on selling. It uses promotional language like calls to action and often includes special offers like coupon codes or flash sale info. The messaging of an online press release is different because the objective is fundamentally different. The function of a press release is to educate, making it a excellent tool for spotlighting a company’s recent developments or community involvement.

The Target market, I.e. the group being courted through marketing materials as the mostly likely individuals to purchase from a company, are the alpha and omega of internet marketing campaigns. The audience for online press releases is broader and more nuanced as it includes not only the target market but all others who hold some kind of influence over the brand. This can include other members of the community, vendors and partners reading about your company in B2B publications, and members of the public who may not spend with you directly but bring you profits by sharing your interesting content and stories.

Online press releases are a powerful tool for building your company’s web presence on a standalone basis or as one facet of a full marketing campaign. Contact Alecan Marketing Solutions about our creative and distribution Online Press Release services today.

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