Mobile Websites Grant Immediate Access, Facilitate Immediate Action

Mobile searches officially surpassed desktop searches in 2015, meaning that more than half of all internet users are now browsing websites, shopping for products and services, and consuming content on their smart phone and tablets. A mobile-friendly website may have been optional before, but today, businesses simply can’t afford to ignore the ever-increasing number of people that prefer to access the internet while on-the-go.

Alecan’s responsive websites – that is, sites which automatically adapt functionality and resize content for smaller touch screens – put your brand at the fingertips of millions, regardless of their device, while a separate mobile site can be effective for portraying you company’s information attractively and succinctly.

Is Your Business Ready For A Mobile-Friendly Website?

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Responsive Websites Vs Mobile Websites: What’s Best For My Business?

The rise of mobile internet browsing has left many business owners to wonder: Is my company website truly mobile-friendly? Is my business accessible on all devices? Do I need a separate mobile website in addition to my desktop site? The answers to these questions vary from website to website, but in general, most existing sites can be made mobile-friendly with just a few minor tweaks. Some websites, though, may benefit from a complete redesign, or it may be more cost-effective to build a separate mobile website to complement your existing desktop site.

Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) Websites

responsiveAt Alecan, every website that we design is coded to be mobile-responsive, meaning that you’ll never need to worry about hosting multiple sites or customers claiming that your website won’t work on their smartphones. Older sites, however, may need to be redesigned or edited to achieve full mobile functionality.

Mobile ( Websites

mobile-siteA separate mobile website is sometimes the right choice, particularly for companies whose primary site hosts large media files or uses advanced coding. To save users from pinching and scrolling to see microscopic text, photos, and buttons, mobile websites detect when someone is using a smartphone or tablet and automatically redirects them to mobile (example: web address.

Target The Devices Your Customers Are Using

At Alecan Internet Marketing, we rely on analytics data to learn as much as we can about your customers. By determining what devices, operating systems, and screen sizes they typically use, we can develop strategies that maximize desired actions and create the best user experience for both current and potential customers.



A Mobile-Friendly Website Puts Your Business At Customers’ Fingertips

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