Every metropolitan region has its own defining characteristics driven by the unique identities and needs of the people who live, work, and play there. Local and regional search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) takes the strongest principles of general SEO/SEM and refines them to create a custom plan tailored to your company’s goals and sensibilities.

Even when the goal is building a business strictly in the surrounding community, the world wide web’s reach is a vital component of any solid marketing strategy. More than ever before, the intelligence of Google and other search engines is fine-tuned to filter and re-order search results for local relevance before your potential customers ever see them. Without proper guidance and maintenance by internet marketing experts, the wrong site structure, content topics, landing page value, and many other elements of your company’s site can take you out of the running completely.

Alecan Marketing Solutions provides a comprehensive full-service selection of web marketing/development services to ensure persistent customer engagement where you need them most: in the cities and regions you aim to serve.

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Location-Based SEO For Google

Google Places and Google Maps, two of internet powerhouse Google’s most popular and widely used applications, are accessed directly by customers or incorporated into the main SERP when users who’ve provided a location search for terms related to industries and regions. These listings carry greater weight with Google as location adds another layer of relevance to a search result and increases your chances of landing sales or getting leads. Optimizing your company site for maximum local visibility is one of the most important elements of a successful online marketing strategy.

Google Places

Alecan Power Listings On Major Directories

Alecan Power Listing Hub for DirectoriesAs part of our local SEO services, we’re pleased to introduce Alecan Power Listings, a local listings hub that syncs your business listings to a handpicked network of 50+ quality sites.

With a combined reach of over 150 million searchers a month, Alecan Power Listings places you in the path of countless potential customers through multiple channels hosted on relevant, high-PR sites. These premium listings are highly customizable and can feature photos, special offers, product and service descriptions, and any number of other details and tools to help you put your best foot forward.

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