Following major changes Google began making in the spring of 2012 with search ranking algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda, many businesses discovered that the multiple years and millions of dollars they’d invested in link-building campaigns for their company sites were no longer having the intended effect on their rankings and traffic.

Years later, sites and search engines still rely on backlinks to determine search result rankings. Link building hasn’t become obsolete. It has, however, become significantly more challenging. The quality and relevance of backlinks and their referring sites now carry more weight than ever, but a simple misstep by a site owner or marketing service not sufficiently educated in the latest SEO principles can be disastrous. The algorithm changes in recent years were extreme, effective, and throughly unexpected. Backlinks automatically placed within content farms, low-level blogs, and forums that rarely ever did much to help a company’s search ranking suddenly came back to haunt them, and a lot of good sites got hurt.

The link-building specialists at Alecan Marketing Solutions have the expertise to not only to avoid common mistakes but to anticipate new measures that top search engines will be adding to their anti-spam crusades in the future.

You worked hard to achieve your Google rankings – don’t let an honest mistake today become lost revenue and visibility tomorrow.

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Why Link Building Still Matters

In the last two years, Google has launched updates specifically created to heavily crack down on content farms and other spammy, artificially generated sources of backlinking. The days of quick, easy, automated link juice to boost your search rankings are over, and the current climate requires a more nuanced, refined approach. Backlinks from trusted, high-PR domains are more valuable than ever when properly set up and maintained, but these new requirements are complex and beyond the scope of many business owners who aren’t coders or SEM experts themselves.

Effective link building doesn’t just improve your search engine ranking. There are a number of additional benefits, including:


Good link-building practice regularly drives and increases traffic to your site


Featuring your brand on multiple good-authority sites creates buzz for your products and services and supports trending/viral activity


An inbound link from a trusted site is the web equivalent of a prestigious personal reference. The trust that a reputable domain imparts by linking to your company has significant long-term value for both SEO and brand perception.

Link Building: Quantity vs. Quality

There are a number of ways to build up the number of links to your website, but only a few right ways. Mindful strategic link-building rooted in the methods that consistently remain accepted by search engines isn’t a skill one can learn overnight, and many good businesses have suffered reduced visibility and the resulting lost revenue because they got caught using the quick and easy methods that used to work. Google’s anti-spam intelligence has evolved to such a degree that it’s now virtually impossible for any webmaster to get away with the old tricks, generally referred to as “black-hat” methods. Participating in black-hat SEO often results in temporary and permanent penalties from Google, and repeated or particularly large offenses can even get a domain banned for life, an effective death sentence for the brand you worked hard to build. With so much at stake, it’s critical that your link building practices are in the hands of knowledgeable professionals who can help you create an irreproachable reputation.

White Hat Link Building

You’re probably interested in staying in the good graces of the search engines, which is a smart thing. Getting yourself booted from the SERPs can be disastrous even for a brick and mortar business – imagine what would happen if your online business were to suddenly disappear from the search engines? At AIM, we can ensure that the link building methods we use will stay well within the letter of the law. How do we do that? By focusing our efforts on two tried and true “white hat” methods: social media linking and organic links.

Social Link Building / AKA Social Bookmarking

The exponential growth of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter haven’t just made it easy for people to keep in touch with old friends and family members. It’s also given businesses an effective way of creating a prominent profile in the online community. By leveraging your social media platforms, as well as those of your followers and fans, we can create a rock solid network of links that drive back to your website. This process, we call it Social Bookmarking and it can take place with over 60 social media sites.

Social Bookmarking - Social Link Building

Organic & Quality Links

There’s nothing that can create a direct, organic link to your website like expertly written quality content. Web surfers gravitate to good content like flies to honey, and once they know where to find it, they’ll always come back for more. AIM’s consultants will not only create high quality, compelling content for your website, but they’ll also ensure that content is shared across appropriate online platforms that will link directly to your site.

Boost Your Ranking In SERPs With Natural Links.

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