Terrace Restaurant & Lounge

Terrace Restaurant & Lounge

As a new establishment in the local community, we were able to get our voice out to the community by using social media marketing prior to the opening of the restaurant. In addition, we were able to generate traffic to the website through our SEO effort and increasing the organic traffic more then 60% a month for 5 consecutive months.

» Non-branded search traffic 67%
» Traffic conversion rates 27%
» Increased Mobile Traffic by 38%
» Engaged Facebook fans by 64%
» Increased social check-ins by 420% by using on-site marketing tactics
» Increased website social engagement over 12% a month for 5 consecutive months

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Taglyan Complex

With the help of a new desktop and mobile website design, search engine optimization and some interactive marketing, we were able to drastically increase site traffic, users engagement, lead conversions and much more.

» Non-branded search traffic increased by 286%
» Increased lead conversion rates by 29%
» Increased mobile traffic by 55%
» Increased mobile lead conversion rates by 22%
» Increased visitor duration on the website by 31%
» Increased Newsletter Subscribers by 37%
» Increased website social engagement by 186%

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Taglyan Complex
Ticket Cleaners Law Group

Ticket Cleaners Law Firm

With the help of a newly designed and developed responsive website and search engine optimization, TicketCleaners, traffic and DUI defense Law Firm was able to increase site traffic and visitor engagement.

» Non-branded search traffic increased by 177%
» Increased engagement rates by 28%
» Increased mobile traffic by 18%
» Increased mobile engagement rates by 42%

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M&R Carpet & Flooring

Redesigned and developed a well optimized website for the search engines and distributed informative content on to how maintain existing floors and the difference in flooring materials with installation process. In addition to optimizing the website for search engines, we had a solution to cut down the unproductive runaround of technicians for traveling from one area of town to another for floor measurements and writing estimates by incorporating “Instant Quote” generator on the website based on floor selection and room measurement(s).

» Non-branded search traffic increased by 483%
» Increased total site traffic by 566%
» Increased conversion rates by 37%
» Increased visitor duration by 206%
» Decreased technicians traveling expense by 22%

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M&R Carpet and Flooring
Olivia Restaurant

Olivia Restaurant

As a client from day one of establishment opening, we had high achievements from brand identity creation to website development, overall web presents by delivering quality content throughout the web and becoming one of most recognized event venue in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Following are 2014 Reports

» Organic search traffic increased by 29%
» Increased conversion rates by 18%
» Increased new visitor traffic by 32%
» Increased visitor duration by 8%
» Increased website social engagement by 35%

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Infinite Dental Wellness

With the help of new website design, paid search campaign and search engine optimization, Infinite Dental Wellness, a cosmetic dentistry with the state-of-the art facility, was able to drastically increase site engagement and online presence.

» Non-branded search traffic increased by 269%
» Increased conversion rates by 34%
» Decreased paid search cost per conversion by 39%
» Paid search click through rates increased 195%

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Infinite Cosmetic Dentist